Patrick N. Okechukwu, S.O. Ekeuku


Objective: To evaluate the ability of dichloromethane leave extract of labisia pumila (DELP) to  inhibit arachidonic acid - induced ear oedema, mast cell stabilizing effect and determination of DPPH,TPC, hydroxyl, nitric oxide and superoxide radical-scavenging activity of the extract.

Material and method: The leaf extract was prepared with dichloromethane filter and rotary evaporated and stored in desiccator. The effect of DELP on arachidonic acid - induced ear oedema, mast cell stabilizing was evaluated. DPPH,TPC, hydroxyl, nitric oxide and superoxide radical-scavenging activity of the extract was also studied.

Result: DELP was able to inhibit arachidonic acid induced ear edema in the mice. The concentration of DELP (mg/ml) needed for 50 percent  inhibition (IC50) of superoxide radicals, DPPH and NO were 1, 1.5, and 1.5 respectively. Total Phenolic Content was 25microgram GAE/mg.


Keywords— Anti-inflammation, antioxidant, ear-edema, Labisia pumila, mast-cell stabilization.

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