Glycyrrhiza glabra is well known herb in Indian and Chinese traditional medicines.In our previous study it shows hair grwth promoting property in female rats so here experiments were performed for evaluating its effects in androgenic alopecia in males.


In present study alopecia is induced in three groups(each contain six animals) of male wistar albino rats by intramuscular dose(0.1mL) of testosterone .One group was rendered devoid of any other treatment while other two groups animals are  treated with finasteride and petroleum ether extract of G. glabra root  topically once daily. The animals were observed during treatment period of 21 days then one animal from each group was  euthanized for histoarchitecture  study.

Results and discussion

The study revealed that petroleum ether and finasteride treated animals do not developed alopecia while alopecia was observed in only testosterone treated animals.


Thus it is concluded from this study that petroleum ether extract of G. glabra posses  anti androgenic alopecia activity which is comparable to  that of standard drug finasteride.


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