• Savita Jandaik Shoolini University
  • Jyoti Mehta Shoolini University
  • Manindra Mohan Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology (UCB)


Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the synergistic and efflux pump inhibitory activities of some important medicinal plants collected
from Western Himalaya against different strains of Staphylococcus aureus to facilitate the reintroduction of therapeutically ineffective antibiotics back
into clinical use.
Methods: Various plant materials were extracted using methanol, ethyl acetate, and water. The dried extracts were screened for synergistic activity
by well diffusion method, and efflux pump inhibitory activity for plants extracts exhibiting maximum synergism assessed by berberine uptake assay
and ethidium bromide efflux inhibition assay, respectively.
Results: Methanolic extract (ME) and ethyl acetate extracts (EE) of most of the plant extracts showed synergistic activity with ciprofloxacin and
norfloxacin, whereas an aqueous extract showed no any synergistic activity. Maximum efflux pump inhibitory activity was observed for ME of Angelica
glauca followed by EE of Ficus carica.
Conclusion: ME of A. glauca exhibited potentials of efflux pump inhibition, and thus can, be used as an adjuvant with antibiotics to overcome the
problem of drug resistance due to efflux.
Keywords: Staphylococcus aureus, Therapeutically ineffective antibiotics, Synergistic effect, Efflux pump inhibitors.


Author Biographies


Research scholar

department of Microbiology


Savita Jandaik, Shoolini University

Associate Professor

Department of Microbiology

Jyoti Mehta, Shoolini University

Research scholar

Department of Microbiology

Manindra Mohan, Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology (UCB)
Scientific Officer
Department of Biotechnology


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