Wilman Carrillo, David Lara, Edgar Vilcacundo, Cristian Carrillo, Monica Silva, Mario Alvarez, Cecilia Carpio


Objective: The aim of this study was to obtain protein concentrates from macadamia using alkaline pH at different pHs of precipitation with water to analyze the protein isolates using the Native-PAGE, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and RP-UHPLC methods.

Materials & Methods: Macadamia protein concentrates were obtained using the isoelectric precipitation method at different pHs using water as solvent. Proteins were analyzed using the Native-PAGE, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and RP-UHPLC methods.

Results: A yield of 36.57±0.17a of protein concentrate of defatted macadamia flour at pH 6.0 with a 51.564% of protein was obtained using the Dumas method. Polypeptides profile was identified in the 11-63 kDa range. Total polyphenols content was high at pH 5.0 with a value of 367,340 mg GAE equivalents / 100 g.

Conclusions: Macadamia seed is a good source of proteins. Native-PAGE, SDS-PAGE and RP-UHPLC are good methods to identify the macadamia protein isolate in presence of water.  

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Wilman Carrillo
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Mario Alvarez
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Cecilia Carpio
Universidad Técnica de Ambato

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