• Vijaya Bharathi S SRM University
  • Anuradha V
  • Ali Ahmad
  • Sani Mohammed Tajo



Objective: To compare the thrombolytic activity of C.amada and C. caesia.

Methods: Hydro alcoholic extractions of C.amada and C. caesia were prepared. Clot lysis potential of the extracts was checked and the results were statistically analysed.

Result and Conclusion: On comparing the thrombolytic potential, the % of clot lysis of silver nanoparticle synthesized using C. caesia (51%) was found to be higher than C.amada (34.7%) extract. Similarly C. caesia extract (38.75 ± 2.217) showed higher % of clot lysis than C.amada (34.74 ± 6.074). The mean percentage of clot lysis of rhizome extracts and synthesized silver nanoparticle were statistically more significant (p value < 0.05) when compared to the positive control streptokinase and negative control water. Active component involvement analysis will be helpful to utilize the C.amada and C. caesia as potent therapeutic agent.

Key words: C.amada, C. caesia, thrombolytic potential.


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