• Prakash Mallikarjun Naregal Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Karad, Maharashtra, India– 415539.


Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of planned teaching programme (PTP) on knowledge regarding cervical cancer among women at selected urban area Karad and to find out the association between knowledge scores with selected sociodemographic variables among women in selected urban areas at Karad.

Methods: Evaluative research approach was used for the study and conducted in urban area Koyana Vasahat, Karad, Maharashtra, India, using one group pre- and post-test design. Systematic proportionate sampling technique was used for selecting 60 women. On the 1st day, structured knowledge questionnaire was used for collecting data, and PTP on knowledge regarding cervical cancer was conducted, followed by posttest on the 7th  day. The data collected, tabulated, and analyzed in terms of objectives of the study using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: The mean pretest value was 7 and the mean posttest value was 11 with a difference of 4. The paired t-value was 10.2, (p<0.05) showing a significant increase in the knowledge regarding cervical cancer and its prevention. There was no significant association between knowledge scores of women with the selected demographic variables.

Conclusion: The study showed that the PTP on cervical cancer was effective in improving the knowledge of women and thus helps them to understand the harmful effects of cervical cancer as well as to take necessary steps for early detection and prevention.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Planned teaching programme, Cervical cancer, Knowledge, Women.

Author Biography

Prakash Mallikarjun Naregal, Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Karad, Maharashtra, India– 415539.


Child Helath Nursing 

Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Karad, Maharashtra, India– 415539.


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