• Ndanusa Abdullahi Hassan
  • Rohini Karunakaran Faculty of Medicine AIMST University
  • Uma Sankar A
  • Khin Mar Aye


Objective: To investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of aqueous extract of Zingiber officinale on carrageenan-induced inflammation on Sprague
Dawley (SD) rats.
Methods: SD rats were divided into six of five groups and allowed to acclimatize for 1 week. Inflammation was induced on the animal by injecting the
right hand paw with carrageenan (0.1 ml of 1%). Group 1 was given normal saline and served as a control. Group 2 was fed with food and water and
served as the carrageenan control. Group 3 was given 200 mg/kg aqueous extract of ginger, Group 4 with 400 mg/kg aqueous extract of ginger, and
Group 5 with 150 mg/kg diclofenac sodium (reference drug for inflammation).
Results: The paw edema in carrageenan-induced SD rats was considerably reduced by treating with 400 mg/kg aqueous ginger extracts when
compared to the untreated SD rats (p<0.001).
Conclusion: This study indicates that aqueous extract of Z. officinale possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, Sprague Dawley rats, Zingiber officinale, Carrageenan, Edema

Author Biography

Rohini Karunakaran, Faculty of Medicine AIMST University

Associate Professor & Preclinical Coordinator

Faculty of Medicine

AIMST University


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