• Ankush Rai School of Computing Science & Engineering, VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jagadeesh Kannan R School of Computing Science & Engineering, VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India




Internet of Things, M2M communication, Intelligence Transportation System


 The objective of this study is to develop the design of a generic infrastructure for on-demand applications for intelligent transport systems (ITS) in an urban area. The main idea of the study is to allow seamless service composition and consumption, but also to allow rapid deployment of new services through the pooling of different devices and access networks that may be owned and operated by different actors such as telecom operators, transportation service operators, governmental organizations, etc. This research serves the solution for the problem of interoperability between different devices, on the fly device reconfiguration and service discovery.  


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Rai, A., and J. K. R. “UNIVERSAL INFRASTRUCTURE OF M2M ENABLED INTER-CLOUD SERVICES FOR INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM”. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol. 10, no. 13, Apr. 2017, pp. 239-43, doi:10.22159/ajpcr.2017.v10s1.19648.



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