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The incidence of oral infections is increased to a large extent in recent years. Alveolar osteitis (AO) commonly known as Dry Socket is one such commonly occurring complication on mandibular tooth extraction. Alveolar osteitis is mainly associated with postoperative pain inside and around the extraction site and accompanied by a partial or total disintegrated blood clot within the alveolar socket. Various conventional methods are used for management of Alveolar osteitis like gels, rinse, and medicated gauze. Use of novel methods can prove to be more effective in treatment of Alveolar osteitis since it provides local delivery of drug with sustained and controlled release, low dose thus leading to reduced side effects with a better patient compliance compared to conventional methods. This review describes the aetiology, treatment of Alveolar osteitis and the need and future scope of novel methods for treatment of Alveolar osteitis.


Keywords: Alveolar osteitis, Dry socket, mandibular tooth, medicated gauze, sustained and controlled release.



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