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Objective: The present research work is based on the applicability of bora rice as a natural polymer for preparing sustained aceclofenac bora rice
Methods: The microspheres were prepared by emulsion solvent diffusion technique.†The physicochemical characterizations of the prepared
microspheres (percentage drug entrapment efficiency, scanning electron microscopy, percentage drug loading) were carried out as well as the in vitro
drug release was carried out in phosphate buffer pH 6.8.
Result: The prepared microspheres were found to have a regular spherical shape, percentage drug entrapment efficiency of 52.6%. The in vitro
release study in phosphate buffer pH 6.8 showed a sustained release of the drug for 24 hrs.
Conclusion: The bora rice as a natural biodegradable polymer could efficiently sustained the release of aceclofenac for 24 hrs.
Keywords: Bora rice, Aceclofenac, Scanning electron microscope, Sustained release.

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LAHKAR SUNITA, Institute of pharmacyAssam Downtown UniversityGuwahati 781026Assam

Assistant Professor(Pharmaceutics)

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