• PRASHANT P. JADHAV Department of Pharmaceutics, Gourishankar Education Society's Satara College of Pharmacy, Satara.


Niosome are non-ionic surfactant vesicles got on hydration of manufactured nonionic surfactants, with or without fuse of cholesterol or their lipids. They are vesicular frameworks like liposomes that can be utilized as transporters of amphiphilic and lipophilic medications. Baneful are promising vehicle for sedate conveyance and being non-ionic; and Niosomes are biodegradable, biocompatible non- immunogenic and display adaptability in their basic portrayal. Niosomes have been broadly assessed for controlled discharge and focused on conveyance for the treatment of malignancy, viral contaminations what's more, other microbial maladies. Niosomes can ensnare both hydrophilic and lipophilic medications and can delay the dissemination of the ensnared tranquilize in body. Exemplification of medication in vesicular framework can be anticipated to delay the presence of medication in the foundational flow and upgrade entrance into target tissue, maybe lessen poisonousness if specific take-up can be accomplished. This audit article centers around the points of interest, Disadvantages, arrangement strategies, factors influencing, portrayals, invitro strategies, medicate discharge energy, and utilizations of baneful.

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