• Adithya G
  • Deepanraj A
  • Utham G
  • Ranjitha J
  • Vijayalakshmi S


Heavy metals are found to be an important micronutrient for plants, humans, and animals provided the level is within the limit hence it is necessary
to determine its concentration. The extract from the seeds of Pongamia pinnata was derived by acid digestion using H2SO4. The extract was further
clarified and filtered using standard filter papers. The clarified extract was diluted and the diluted extract was analyzed for the presence of heavy
metals such as Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, and K using atomic absorption spectrometry. The analysis revealed that the concentrations of certain metals were in
acceptable levels and concentrations of certain other metals were in unacceptable levels which will have considerable impact on the engine's life and
the environment when the extract from it is used for biodiesel production.

Keywords: Pongamia pinnata, Heavy metals, Atomic absorption spectrometry, Impacts, Engine, Environment.


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