• RANJODH JEET SINGH Department of Pharmacology, Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana, Haryana, India.



Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Blood pressure, Systolic blood pressure, Beta-blockers, Angiotensin receptor blockers, Heart rate


Aim and Objectives: The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy of Atenolol and Olmesartan in Stage-1 hypertension (HTN), and the adverse effect profile of Atenolol and Olmesartan in Stage-1 HTN.

Methods: A prospective, randomized, open, and parallel study was carried out in 100 patients attending the outpatient department of General Medicine Department MMIMSR, Mullana, Ambala, India with Stage -1 HTN according to joint national committee VII. The patients were randomly divided into two groups to receive Tab. Atenolol 50 mg od (Group A, n=50) and Tab. Olmesartan medoxomil 20 mg (Group B, n=50) od for a total period of 12 weeks with regular follow up every 2 weeks from the baseline. At each visit, blood pressure (BP), heart rate, and adverse effects were evaluated. Laboratory investigations were carried out at baseline and end of the study period. p<0.005 was considered statistically significant.

Results: Atenolol and Olmesartan medoxomil both significantly reduce BP and heart rate (p<0.005). Olmesartan medoxomil is more efficacious in reducing BP.

Conclusion: Olmesartan medoxomil is a better choice for Stage -1 HTN between the two drugs as it leads to a greater decrement in BP.


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Author Biography

RANJODH JEET SINGH, Department of Pharmacology, Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana, Haryana, India.

assistant professor, department of pharmacology.


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