• Sukhbir Singh
  • . Neelam
  • Sandeep Arora
  • Yashpal Singla


Polymers constitute the major part of pharmaceutical formulations functionality and significance. Development of novel drug delivery system (NDDS)
has been made possible by eudragit polymers to modify the release pattern of drug. The basic objective of sustained drug release is to achieve
more effective therapies by eliminating potential for both under and overdosing. Other advantages include maintenance of drug concentration with
in desired range, fewer administration, optimal drug use and patient compliance. This review article gives outline of classification, nomenclature,
physiological, and pharmaceutical properties of eudragit polymers. Eudragit polymers can be classified on the basis of use or type of formulation
produced and includes time-controlled drug release by sustained release formulations, gastro-resistance and GI targeting by enteric formulations and
moisture protection and odor/taste masking by protective formulations. Eudragit polymers are available in wide range of physical forms viz. aqueous
dispersion, organic solution, granule and powder with varying degrees of solubility. Eudragit polymers have numerous drug release mechanism and
wide applications in different drug delivery systems i.e. ophthalmic, buccal, sublingual, enteric, oral, colon, vaccine, gene, vaginal and transdermal
drug delivery. It has been concluded that eudragit polymers have multifaceted applications in pharmacy and drug delivery system.
Keywords: Eudragit, Time-controlled, Sublingual.



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