• SATHIYA VINOTHA AT Karpagam faculty of medical sciences&research
  • SENTHILKUMARAN PALANIMUTHU Dr.ALM Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Taramani, Chennai


Objective: The present study was aimed to find out the impact of Enalapril and Metformin on oxidative stress (OS) in newly diagnosed diabetes
mellitus and hypertensive patients.
Methods: A free radical production was measured by lipid peroxidation and antioxidants like catalase, reduced glutathione, glutathione s-transferase,
and superoxide dismutase were measured using ultraviolet spectrophotometer.
Results: There was a significant decrease in free radical production and a significant increase in antioxidant enzymes in both the treatment groups.
Conclusion: Enalapril and metformin combination in diabetic patients has a more significant effect on OS than metformin alone. This combination
also has a significant effect on OS in diabetes and hypertension coexisting patients.
Keywords: Oxidative stress, Enalapril, Metformin, Antioxidants.

Author Biographies

SATHIYA VINOTHA AT, Karpagam faculty of medical sciences&research

assiatant professor

department of pharmacology

SENTHILKUMARAN PALANIMUTHU, Dr.ALM Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Taramani, Chennai

Associate professor, Department of Pharmacology &Toxicology



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