Study of Bio-efficacy of Alkali tolerant Trichoderma against damping off and rotting diseases of Tomato and Cauliflower caused by Pythium spp. and Sclerotina spp.


  • Vimala Kumari Amity University



Objective:The main aim of the study is to analyze the bioefficacy of alkali tolerant Trichoderma viride IPL/VP/T2 under field conditions for the management of damping off and rotting disease on tomato crop and cauliflower crop caused by Pythium spp and Sclerotina spp respectively.

Methods: Alkali tolerant Trichoderma viride isolated from alkaline agricultural soil and were tested in-vitro and in-vivo for disease control. The pathogen was isolated from diseased tomato and cabbage plant by direct standard plating method. The assessment of Alkali tolerant Trichoderma viride against Pythium and Sclerotina was conducted by dual culture techniques and in field condition.

Result: Under field conditions  results showed significant control of pre-emergence and post-emergence damping off disease on tomato and cauliflower to the minimum when compared to control under alkaline soil condition.

Conclusion: The study showed the effective biological control of Pythium and Scelrotina in the presence of Alkali tolerant Trichoderma in Tomato and cauliflower respectively.

Keywords: Alkali tolerant Trichoderma, Biocontrol, Damping off, Pythium spp, Rotting, Sclerotina.





Author Biography

Vimala Kumari, Amity University

Research scholar



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