• K Naga Raju
  • T Sunitha
  • I Sudheer Babu


Objective: This study was designed to develop and validate a simple, rapid, and economical UV-spectrophotometric method using a solubilising agent for the estimation of Riluzole.
Methods: In this study, a solution of 2% SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) in PH 9.2 buffer was employed as the solubilising agent to solubilise a poorly water-soluble drug, Riluzole. In the UV-spectrophotometric method, Riluzole was estimated at 225 nm using solubilising agent.
Results: Solubilising agent used did not interfere in spectrophotometric analysis of Riluzole. Riluzole followed linearity in the concentration range of 1-5 μg/ml with a coefficient correlation of 0.998.
Conclusion: The developed method has shown to be linear (r2 = 0.9984), precise (%R. S. D of 0.87 and 0.84 at intra and inter day respectively), accurate (recovery of 100.37%) with limit of detection (0.54 µg/ ml) and limit of quantification of 1.64µg/ ml as per ICH guidelines.
Keywords: Riluzole, UV Spectroscopy, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), PH 9.2 buffer.


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