• DHAVAL A. CHANDARANA K. B. Raval College of Pharmacy, Shertha, Gandhinagar 382423, Gujarat, India
  • KEYUR S. PATEL Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India
  • SAMIR C. PATEL Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India
  • DEEPA R. PATEL Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India
  • SHAILESH T. PRAJAPATI Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India



Carvedilol, Mucoadhesive buccal tablets, Solid dispersion, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Polyethylene Oxide WSR-1105, Factorial design


Objective: The aim of the study was to formulate and evaluate mucoadhesive buccal tablets of carvedilol to avoid the first-pass metabolism.

Methods: Mucoadhesive Buccal tablets of carvedilol were prepared by direct compression techniques using a combination of bioadhesive polymers such as hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) and polyethlyelne oxide WSR-1105 (PEO WSR-1105). In order to improve solubility of carvedilol, solid dispersion was prepared using poloxamer 188. A 32 Full factorial design was applied to investigate the combined effect of the two independent variables i.e. concentration of HPC (X1) and concentration of PEO WSR-1105(X2) on the dependent variables, % in vitro drug release at 1 h (Y1), % in vitro drug release at 4 h (Y2), mucoadhesive strength (Y3) and mucoadhesion time (Y4).

Results: Optimized mucoadhesive buccal tablets shows in vitro drug release of 96.23±2.45 in 8 h, mucoadhesive strength of 18.20±1.44 g, mucoadhesion time 420±2.6 min and surface pH 6.75±0.015. Drug excipients compatibility study by FTIR showed no interaction between drug and excipients.

Conclusion: From all parameters and experimental design evaluation, it was concluded that the drug release rate decreased with an increase the concentration of HPC and PEO WSR-1105 and mucoadhesion property increased with increase the concentration of PEO WSR-1105. The in vitro release kinetics revealed the Korsmeyer-Peppas model is followed and drug release is by anomalous diffusion.


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Author Biographies

SAMIR C. PATEL, Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India

Dr. Samir C. Patel


Kalol Institute of Pharmacy

DEEPA R. PATEL, Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India

Dr. Deepa R. Patel


Kalol Institute of Pharmacy

SHAILESH T. PRAJAPATI, Kalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalol, Gandhinagar 382721, Gujarat, India

Dr. Shailesh T. Prajapati

Professor and Principal

Kalol Institute of Pharmacy


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