• SWATI MUTHA School of Pharmacy, Vishwakarma University, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • VISHAL SHELKE PDEA’s Seth Govind Raghunath Sable College of Pharmacy, Saswad, Department of Pharmaceutics, Tal – Purandar, Dist – Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • KANCHAN GUPTA School of Pharmacy, Vishwakarma University, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • MRUNALINI KULKARNI School of Pharmacy, Vishwakarma University, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • AMRITA THAKUR School of Pharmacy, Vishwakarma University, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • NEETA RAI School of Pharmacy, Vishwakarma University, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA


Lansoprazole, solubility enhancement, PEG, solid dispersion, Soluplus


Objective: To improve the solubility of lansoprazole with solid dispersion (SD) method by using hydrophilic polymer PEG 6000, PEG 15000 and amphiphilic polymer solupus.

Methods: Solid dispersions of lansoprazole were prepared with polymers PEG 6000, PEG 15000 and amphiphilic polymer soluplus, using three methods of preparation – 1) solvent melting 2) solvent evaporation and 3) microwave heating method along with different drug: carrier ratios. Performance of the prepared formulations were evaluated for solubility, fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) parameters.

Results: All SDs showed enhancement in solubility of lansoprazole. Solubility and also carrier concentration showed positive effect on solubility. The lansoprazole-soluplus solid dispersion 1:3 in concentration showed enhanced aqueous solubility when formulated with solvent melting procedure.

Conclusion: The studies indicated that PEG 6000, PEG 15000 and Soluplus inhibite crystallization of lansoprazole, subsequently form amorphous state in solid dispersion which is confirmed via FTIR and DSC results of lansoprazole solid dispersion.


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