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As COVID-19 remains a brainteaser to many scientists and health care professionals and issue of major concern for health till as no vaccine or pharmacological drug has been discovered till date.With the growing need for the safer drugs a greater attention has been drawn to the traditional system of medicine.The extent of pandemic requires an urgent harnessing of all the knowledge system available globally.Ayurved and Yoga has immersed to have a great combat with COVID-19 and maintaing overall health and immunity of mankind.Ayurved is a comprehensive holistic approach which recommends preventive approach and strengthening of bala and oja to prevent disease.At times when peoples are looking for effective possible way to deal with spread of disease Ayurved and Yoga provides a helping hand.Ayurved and Yoga not only give emphasis on physial immunity but psychological immunity as well by followig Rasayan,Sadvritta,Acharasayan,Astanga Yoga,Satvik Karma and maintaing proper balance of tryoupastahmbha and tridosha. COVID-19 has turned the head around of the whole world towards boosting of immunity which has been explained in classical texts of Ayurved and Yoga significantly which need to be explored.

Keywords: COVID-19, Janpadadhwansa, Pandemic, Ayurved, Yoga


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