• Mahmudur Rahman



Background: Child and maternal nutritional and health status is very much concerning issue of Bangladesh. Objective: To summarize the specific conditions of Bangladeshi child and maternal health and related issues. Methods: This is a systematic review and analysis of the literature regarding child and maternal health of general population living in Bangladesh. Findings: The evidences reflected that infant, child and maternal mortality in Bangladesh have declined gradually at least over the past years. It is found that infant mortality two times, child mortality six times and under-five mortality rates three times declined comparatively than the last two decades but it is noted that maternal assassination circumstance is not gradually declined. Role of health knowledge on child and maternal health carries an important portion of the education effect. Health knowledge index significantly improve child and maternal health although differentially. Conclusion:  It is obvious that poverty is one of the root causes that have led to high child and maternal mortality and morbidities faced by Bangladeshi people. The requirement for socio-economic relief for those living in rural Bangladesh remains one of the core issues. Though Bangladesh is successfully declining the total number of childhood mortalities and nutrition related mortalities in addition to complexities, maternal health status is not improving with same pace.  Non-government and government funded organizations and policymakers should come forward for running some effective programs to conquer the situation completely in Bangladesh. 


Key words: Child health, maternal health, Bangladeshi population 

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