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     To compare the effect of Mulligan’s Calcaneal taping versus kinesiotaping in plantar fasciitis.


 44 subjects diagnosed with plantar fasciitis were included in this study. The mean age was 31.93 years.This subjects were allocated by lottery method into 2 groups (group A- Therapeutic Ultrasound, Exercises and Mulligan’s Calcaneal Taping, group B- Therapeutic Ultrasound, Exercises and Kinesio taping). Before and after the treatment protocol the subjects were assessed for pain by VAS and foot function by FFI-R questionnaire.             


Pre and post treatment protocol was analysed by using paired and unpaired t test. Intra group analysis of VAS revealed statistically reduction in VAS post intervention for both groups. This was done by using paired ‘t’ test Group A(p<0.0001),Group B(p<0.0001). Intra group analysis of total (FFI-R) revealed statistically reduction in (FFI-R)  score  post intervention for both groups. This was done by using paired ‘t’ test Group A(p<0.0001),Group B(p<0.0001).


Mulligan’s Calcaneal Taping was more effective than Kinesiotaping  in reducing VAS and FFI-R score   in subject with Plantar fasciitis.


Plantar fasciitis,Mulligan’s Calcaneal Taping , Kinesiotaping, VAS, FFI-R



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