Hepatoprotective Activity of Different Extracts of Aerial Parts of Limnophilla Indica” by using paracetamol and ethanol induced models


  • VIJUSHA.M TRR college of pharmacy


The present study was carried out to evaluate the hepatoprotective activity of leaves of Limnophilla indica of family Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family) .The plant extract was prepared and examined against CCl4 induced liver damage in wistar rats using silymarin as standard. The extract was screened for alkaloids, steroids, proteins, flavanoides, saponins, carbohydrates, tannins and glycosides. Enzyme activities of Serum glutamate oxaloacetate (SGOT), Serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT), Alkaline phosphatase, Total bilirubin and Total protein levels are analysed. Results indicate that the methanolic leaf extract had protective activity over paracetamol and ethanol induced hepatotoxicity when compared with toxic control and silymarin groups. Results of present investigation confirm the hepatoprotective activity of Limnophilla indica. The statistical analysis was carried out using one way analysis of varience (ANOVA) followed by Dunnet's t-test. P –values <0.05 were considered as significant.

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VIJUSHA.M, TRR college of pharmacy

pharmacology department


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