• Pushpendra Kumar Singh
  • Harpreet Singh
  • Sanjita Das


To prevent premature labor always attempts are taken by the medication with Tocolytic. Along with Tocolytic, steroid and antibiotic are used for the proper therapy to prevent premature labor. The present study will evaluate the impact of the selected steroid (bethamethasone) and antibiotic (ampicillin) on the uterine relaxant effect of the selected Tocolytic (indomethacine).This study will be helpful for the proper medication during the preventation of premature labor along with a better medication and better result. Evaluation of impact of the selected drugs (betamethasone,ampicillin) on the efficacy of the selected Tocolytic (indomethacine)  by in vitro method using oxytocin as a uterine contractile agent on rat uterus. The rat's uterine preparation is used for the present study and the sensitivity of uterus is depends upon the oestrus cycles.Oxytocin cause the contraction of the uterine muscle by acting on the muscuarinic receptor. Tocolytic block muscarinic receptor of uterine muscle. Therefore, in this study the Tocolytic reduce oxytocin induced contraction in rat uterine. The concentration response cruve of oxytocin was shifted to the right in the presence of Tocolytic.  Afterwards the effect of the selected steroid and antibiotic in presence of the Tocolytic are evaluated on the kymograph of was observed that steroid and antibiotic decrease the potency of Tocolytic. 

KEYWORDS – Premature Labour,Tocolytic,Steroid,Antbiotic,Oxytocin,Betamethasone, Ampicillin,Indomethacin


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