• Hiba Master Pharma College of Pharmacy/University of baghdad
  • Balkis Ahmed Kamal College of Pharmacy/University of baghdad


Objective: Desloratadine is histamine H1 – receptor antagonist used in treatment of allergic and rhinitis conditions. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique,using polymers such as Carbopol 934P,Carbopol 940P either alone or combination and other excipients such as NaHCO3,citric acid, mannitol, avicel pH 102, SDL.

Methods: The prepared tablets were evaluated in terms of their physical properties, hardness, % friability, weight variation, content uniformity, drug-excipient compatibility (FTIR), in-vitro release, floating properties and swelling index. Result shows that as amount of carbopol 934P increased the drug release decreased due to increase penetration of water in to polymer. It was found that increase sodium bicarbonate concentration cause an increase in the floating time (FLT) were also increased drug release while floating time was decreased due to decrease in matrix coherent.

Mannitol showed the best release properties as a diluent when compared with Avicel pH 102 and SDL the drug release was accelerated.

Results: Swelling index studies of selected formula (F9) 96% compared with other formulas gave rapid release of desloratadine that indicated a combined effect of both diffusion and erosion mechanisms on drug release from floating dosage form.

Conclusion: The stability of the selected formula (9) was also studied at different temperatures (40, 50 and 60oC) for three months and the calculated shelf life data was found to be about 2.7 years.


Keywords: Desloatadine, Effervescent floating tablets, Carbopal 934P, NaHCO3, Citric acid.


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Hiba Master Pharma, College of Pharmacy/University of baghdad
department of pharmaceutics


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