• Ä°zzet Åžener Pamukkale University, Faculty of Science-Arts,Department of Chemistry, 20017,Denizli, Turkey
  • GÃœlÅžah Aydin Gedik University, Higher Vocational School of Gedik, Chemical Programme, 34913, Ä°stanbul, Turkey.


Objective: The aim of the work was to designed and synthesized novel heterocyclic tetrakisazo dyes.

Methods: 2,2'[(4,4'-dihydrazonebiphenyl)]-bis(3-iminobuthyronitrile) (1) were synthesized by diazotization of benzidine using hydrochloric acid in water. Compounds (1) reacted with hydrazine hydrate to afford the corresponding 4,4'-bis [3-methyl-5-amino-1-H-pyrazol-4-ylazo]biphenyl (2). Seven novel hetaryltetrakisazobenzidine Derivatives 3(a-g) were achieved by diazotization of 4,4'-bis [3-methyl-5-amino-1-H-pyrazol-4-ylazo]biphenyl and coupling with various coupling components.

Results: The obtained hetaryltetrakisazo dyes 3(a-g) were characterized based on FT-IR, 1H-NMR, and mass spectroscopic techniques as well as elemental analysis. The solvatochromic behavior of these dyes in various solvents was examined. Acid-base effects on the visible absorption maxima of the dyes were also reported.

Conclusion: Synthesis and characterization of seven of these nine novel compounds synthesized, which are hetaryltetrakisazo dyes 3(a-g).


Keywords: Diazotization, Solvatochromism, Pyrazole, Diazo-coupling reaction, Tetrakisazo dyes.


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Ä°zzet Åžener, Pamukkale University, Faculty of Science-Arts,Department of Chemistry, 20017,Denizli, Turkey


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