B. Divya Jyothi, S. Bhavya Sai, B. Chaitanya Lakshmi, Sk. Shafiya Begum, Dr. A. Satish Kumar


Objective: To create awareness on cervical cancer, a level of knowledge about cervical cancer, to be advised of effective screening procedures based on their risk assessment, to educate about preventive measures after screening.

Methods: This is a prospective questionnaire-based survey conducted by providing materials such as patient information leaflets, video clips and posters and educating the public regarding the disease from 1st January 2016–30th June 2016 i.e. for a period of 6 mo.

Results: Knowledge was provided by using pictures, presentations, and patient information leaflets. Out of 1000 population, the respondents 762 (76.2%) females and 200 (20%) males were aware of cervical cancer. Among the 48 women who attended the screening, 23(47.9%) were identified with various symptoms and are on treatment. Out of these, 3 members were diagnosed positively and level of knowledge has increased significantly after creating awareness.

Conclusion: Primarily health care professionals such as nurses and pharmacists should also be educated in various aspects to upgrade their knowledge as it was observed that their level of knowledge was relatively low. Clinical pharmacist in this regard has a major role to play in up lifting and improving the quality of life of the patient.


Cervical cancer, Knowledge, Screening, Awareness

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Cervical cancer, Knowledge, Screening, Awareness





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International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vol 10, Issue 2, 2018 Page: 15-23

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Authors & Affiliations

B. Divya Jyothi
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,

S. Bhavya Sai
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,

B. Chaitanya Lakshmi
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,

Sk. Shafiya Begum
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,

Dr. A. Satish Kumar
Department of Oncology, Govt. general hospital, Guntur

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