• Luiz Carlos Bertucci Barbosa Federal University of Tocantins
  • Leonardo Alves Dos Santos Federal University of Tocantins
  • Juliana De Souza Ferreira Federal University of Tocantins
  • Kelvinson Fernandes Viana Federal University of Tocantins
  • Alex Sander Rodrigues Cangussu Federal University of Tocantins
  • Raimundo Wagner De Souza Aguiar Federal University of Tocantins


Objective: There is a considerable therapeutic interest in eIF5A as a potential target for drug development through inhibition of hypusination. In this regards, protein structural information is fundamental. Herein, we reported the developing of a web-based system, called eIF5ADB, which compiles all protein structural data on eIF5A and its related proteins.

Methods: The eIF5ADB database was implemented as a MySQL relational database, using PHP scripting language. Web interfaces were developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The data were collected from PDB, UniProt and Entrez databases. These data were filtered appropriately using specialized literature.

Results: The database provides three modules that allow to search, acquisition of contents and access to statistical data, besides direct links to matching to external databases.

Conclusion: The platform developed here is very useful for researchers interested in this content and can be accessed at http: //www. gurupi. uft. edu. br/btoxdb/eif5adb.


Keywords: eIF5A, Hypusine, Deoxyhypusine synthase, Elongation factor P, Structural database, Potential therapeutic targets.


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