• Hussein O. Ammar Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries, Future University in Egypt, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt
  • Mahmoud M. Ghorab Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University
  • Dina M. Mostafa Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt
  • Amira M. Ghoneim Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries, Future University in Egypt


Objective: Development and characterization of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system for sertraline hydrochloride (SNEDDS).

Methods: Solubility of sertraline hydrochloride in various vehicles were determined, and ternary phase diagrams were constructed using a suitable oil, surfactant and cosurfactant system to find out the most efficient self emulsification system.

Results: Capmul® and Lauroglycol® were selected as an oil phase, Tween 80 and Cremophor® as surfactant and Transcutol® as cosurfactant due to their high solublization effect. Various formulations were prepared by simple mixing followed by vortexing. The systems were assessed for droplet size, light absorbance, drug release and emulsification effect. Optimized SNEDDS compositions of oil to surfactant/cosurfactant content did not show phase separation in 0.1N HCl and water, with droplet size varying from 21 nm to 153 nm, which indicates the formation of homogeneous stable nano emulsion in both media. In vitro dissolution data showed surprisingly significant enhancement of dissolution rate of sertraline HCl in form of SNEDDS compared to the drug per se.

Conclusion: These results confirm the potentiality of SNEDDS formulation to improve sertraline HClsolubilization and In vitro release.



Keywords: Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (SNEDDS), Sertraline HCl, Surfactant, Cosurfactant.


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