• Saruchi Sharma Department of Biotechnology, CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur Campus, Punjab, India
  • VANEET KUMAR Department of Applied Sciences, CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur Campus, Punjab, India




Interpenetrating polymer network (IPN), drug delivery, methylmethacrylate and pantoprazole sodium


Objective: This study involves the synthesis of Gum tragacanth (gt) based interpenetrating polymer network (ipn) and its utilization for sustained release of anti-ulcerative drug i.e. pantoprazole sodium.

Methods: IPN was synthesized from Gum tragacanth, polyacrylic acid (gt-cl-paa) hydrogel. gt-cl-paa was kept in distilled water. Further, acryamide (aam) and methylmethacrylate (mma) was added and then kept for overnight. Later on, lipase and glutaraldehyde were added. Homopolymers and the unreacted monomers were removed using acetone. Synthesized IPN was dried at 50 °C for further study.

Synthesized ipn was swelled in water and the drug was added to it. The drug was entrapped in the pores of the synthesized ipn and then drug release behavior was studied using uv-vis spectrophotometer.

Results: Gt, paa and mma based crosslinked IPN were synthesized using lipase-glutaraldehyde as initiator-crosslinker system. The synthesized IPN was pH sensitive and possessed the desired swelling capacity required for the controlled and systematic liberation of pantoprazole sodium at 37 °C. The kinetic of drug release was studied and found that lateral diffusion (DL) of drug was higher as compared to the initial diffusion (DI). The prepared IPN can be used as prospective carrier for prolonged drug delivery.

Conclusion: A novel pH sensitive and colon targeted IPN was synthesized. It acts as an effective device for the controlled release of drug pantoprazole sodium.


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Author Biography

Saruchi Sharma, Department of Biotechnology, CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur Campus, Punjab, India

Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology


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