• T. VENKATA RAVEENDRANATH Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India 608002
  • R. T. SARAVANAKUMAR Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India 608002
  • C. H. K. V. L. S. N. ANJANA Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry, Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522503


Objective: Aim of the present work is to develop a simple, accurate and precise stability-indicating method for the quantification of baloxavir marboxil (BLMX) in tablet dosage form by UPLC.

Methods: Chromatographic elution was processed through a HSS C18 (100 x 2.1 mm, 1.8 mm) reverse phase column and the mobile phase composition of buffer 0.1% orthophosphoric acid and acetonitrile in the ratio of 50:50 was processed through a column at a flow rate of 0.3 ml/min. Column oven temperature was maintained at 30 °C and the detection wavelength was processed at 240 nm.

Results: Retention time of BLMX was found to be 0.87 min. Repeatability of the method was determined in the form of %RSD and the value was 0.2. The percentage mean recovery of the method was found to be 99.47%. LOD, LOQ values obtained from the regression equation of BLMX were 0.69 and 2.10 mg/ml, respectively. Regression equation and correlation coefficient values of BLMX were y = 16994x+7179.2 and 0.9996. Drug was subjected for acid, peroxide, photolytic, alkali, neutral and thermal degradation studies and the results shown that the percentage of degradation was found between 5.96% and 9.55%.

Conclusion: Retention time and total run time of the drug was decreased and the developed method was simple and economical. So, the developed method can be adopted in industries as a regular quality control test for the quantification of BLMX.

Keywords: Baloxavir marboxil, UPLC, Specificity, Validation, Stability studies


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