• NAGAMANI J. E. Garden city university


Objective: The current study is an attempt to screen for the in-vitro clot lysis and proteolytic activity of aqueous extract of Leucas aspera leaves.

Methods: Thrombolytic activity and protease activity of the crude enzyme obtained by ammonium sulfate precipitation and dialysis were assayed using blood clot and casein as substrates respectively. Native PAGE and gel documentation studies were performed to calculate the molecular weight of the enzyme.

Results: In the study, 40% salt fractioned crude enzyme sample exhibited significant thrombolytic and caseinolytic activity. Further dose dependent increased activity was observed with the maximum lytic activity of 52.11 ± 1.04 % at 1mg/ml of the sample when compared to the reference drug streptokinase (71.39 ± 0.32%).  Also 68.72 ± 0.62 U/hr of caseinolytic activity was observed for 1mg/ml of the sample fraction.

Conclusion: The study highlights and validates the efficacy of Leucas aspera leaves extract for thrombolytic and proteolytic actions. Enzyme with an approximate molecular weight, 19.89 KDa could be responsible for the significant lytic activity.


Keywords: Leucas aspera, Thrombolytic activity, Proteolytic activity, Native PAGE


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