• Fathima Riyasha Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Sakeena Hameem University of Peradeniya
  • Shaziaqasim Jamshed International IslamicUniversity Malaysia


Objective: Implementation of radiopharmacy is one of the advancements infield of pharmacy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the need of radiopharmacists in Sri Lanka, by exploring the awareness of patients about radiopharmaceuticals and as well as perception of healthcare professionals and future healthcare practitioners towards radiopharmaceuticals.

Methods: A total of 34 patients were interviewed who were receiving radiopharmaceuticals for their treatment. Moreover, an interview-administered questionnaire was used to explore the perception of healthcare professionals and undergraduate students.

Results: A total of 9 males and 25 female patients were included in the study. Slightly less than half (46%) of patients were educated up to O-Level. A large majority (82%) of patients had knowledge on their disease conditions. Similarly, large number (88.24%) of patients reported awareness about the safety measures which are needed to be followed. Within the interview setting, patients expressed their inclination towards more information about their drug use. In terms of exploring the perception, around three-fourth (75%) of respondents agreed to have a radiopharmacist for proper handling processes, educating the patients and for assisting doctors and nurses. Around 90% of respondents urged on the importance of radiopharmacist in Sri Lanka and strongly emphasized on patient's education about their radiopharmaceuticals.

Conclusion: Gaps were identified regarding patient awareness about the use of their radiopharmaceuticals. Interestingly all the respondents showed willingness towards the concept of a radiopharmacist in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: Radiopharmacist, Sri Lanka, Radiopharmaceuticals


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