• Shankreppa D. Desai Sridevi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre Tumkur
  • Bheemshetty S. Patil Lecturer, Dept of Anatomy, Shri B M Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, BLDE University, Bijapur
  • Pallavi S. Kanthe BLDE University
  • Potekar R. M. BLDE University


Terminalia arjuna, Hyperlipidimic diet, Histopathology of Fatty Liver, LFT and hepatosomatic Index


Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of Ethanolic extract of Terminalia Arjuna on Liver functions, Lipid profile and histopathology of liver of albino rats fed with Hyperlipidemic diet.

Methods: Extraction of Terminalia arjuna bark by Soxhlet apparatus using 99% ethanol at 60 ° temp for 22 h and Phytochemical analysis was done. Group 1 served as normal control. Group 2 Fed with Isocaloric diet. Group 3 Fed with Hyperlipidimic diet. Group 4 Hyperlipidemic diet 21 d+Terminalia arjuna 21 d.

Dose of Ethonolic extract of Terminalia arjuna: (500 mg/kg Body weight daily).

Results: %body weight gain and hepatosomatic index were significantly improved in hyper lipidemic rats treated with Terminalia arjuna. There was significant improvement in markers of liver functions. Liver shown microvescicular and macrovesicular fatty changes in hyper lipidemic rats and normal Hepatocytes in Hyperlipidimic rats treated with Terminalia arjuna.

Conclusion: It can be summarized that Terminalia arjuna is good, natural therapeutics in hyperlipidemia and liver disorders.



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