• Hemalata S. Dol Late Adv. Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma), At–Malwadi, Post–Masur, Tal.–Karad, Dist.-Satara, Maharashtra, 415106, India
  • Sidhhi S. Jadhav Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma)
  • Mayuri A Pisal Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma)
  • Sumayya K Shaikh Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma)
  • Vikram R Shinde Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma)


Objective: To evaluate the impact of patient counselling in terms of knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) outcomes among retail and hospital pharmacist in Satara and Sanagli district.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted on knowledge, attitudes and practices of patient counselling adopted by retail and hospital pharmacists from different areas of Satara and Sangali district. A specially designed questionnaire was used for data collection. Total 190 respondents were analyzed for the study.

Results: The highlighting result of the survey based project revealed that almost all retail as well as hospital pharmacists were practicing patient counselling without any charges and there is necessity of separate patient counselling cabinet. Pharmacist was lacking in adopting modern techniques, aids for counselling and 20% only attended patient counselling course (PCC) by Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council (MSPC).

Conclusion: KAP study revealed the positive attitude, knowledge and existence of patient counselling practices but not done in an appropriate manner. Step should be taken by authorities, pharmacist and the patient to make counselling more effective.


Keywords: Patient counselling, Pharmaceutical care, Emerging trends, Survey


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