Conference Proceedings

Call for Special Issue

IJPPS calls for special issue/conference proceedings and Thematic Special Issues under the scopes of the journal. 

1. Full Proceedings

Selected articles by guest editor of the conference are published as full proceeding papers.

2. Abstract book publication

Abstract book of conference are also published by IJPPS.

3. Thematic Special Issue

Special Thematic issues are published on variour themes under different subject areas. These issues are published with guest editor (Experienced Expert of the Theme).

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Future Special Issue

  • HerbSTeM 2016 (Full Proceeding)

    International Conference On Herbal Science, Technology & Medicine
    (Oct 2016)

  • ICRB 2016 (Full Proceeding)

    International Conference on Radication Biology 
    (Nov 2016)

  • ICPPS 2016 (Full Proceeding):

    International Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (ICPPS 2016) 
    (April 2016)

Special Issue Published

Abstract Book Published

  • ICIPS 2016 (Abstract Book)

    International Conference On Innovations In Pharmaceutical Sciences
    (27-28 Feb 2016)
    IJPPS Vol 8 Issue 3

  • IPNaCS 2016 (Abstract Book)

    International Conference On The Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical And Cosmetic Sciences 
    (12-13 Nov 2015)
    IJPPS Vol 8 Issue 2

  • INNOPHARM 1 2015 (Abstrct Book):

    1st International Conference On Novel Frontiers In Pharmaceutical & Health Sciences
    (10-11 Oct 2015)
    IJPPS Vol 7 Issue 11

  • National Conference By LNCT (Abstract Book)

    National Conference on "Recent Advances in Herbal Drug Technology" 
    (26-27 Mar 2010)
    IJPPS Vol 2 Suppl 2