Minimum Standards for Manuscripts


“Minimum standards for manuscripts” for consideration of Publication in IJPPS

A Manuscript in any subject area under the scope of journal must have novelty in the work; it should not be repetition of the results of published work of similar nature with proper rationale. The manuscript should not be mere report of the observations but a thorough discussion to derive inference (s) should be included. Legends of illustration should provide enough information (self explanatory) to understand it without referring to the text. In case of any lacunae in novelty and rationality, work will not be taken up for consideration of publication in IJPPS.

Minimum standard under major categories are as follows, which authors need to fulfill before submission of the manuscript to IJPPS for consideration of publication. Any manuscript, which does not adhere with these below standards, will be reverted back/rejected immediately in Editorial screening.

Natural product research: 

a)      Selection of drug is based on traditional claim/published literature.

b)      Proposed mechanism of action is discussed for the activity being reported in the manuscript.

c)       Results of in vivo studies should be with advanced statistical analysis.

d)      Comparison with positive control/standard treated group.

e)      Structure elucidations of isolates are supported with spectral studies.

f)       Not limited to only in vitro antioxidant assay of the extracts.

g)      Antibacterial activity reports at least zone of inhibition, % inhibition and MIC.

h)      Study is dose dependent.


a)      Formulation development with its complete characterization.

b)      A comprehensive study reporting relevant criteria/studies would be required.

c)       Statistical treatment of the data obtained from the work

Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Analysis:

a)      Compounds being reported are novel or Synthesis scheme or method is novel.

b)      Need of development of the method for analysis.

c)       Comparison of newly developed method with previously reported with possible merits of the newly develop method.

d)      Strong discussion to defend the newly developed method.


a)      Selection of the work is based on existing literature

b)      Results of in vivo studies should be with advanced statistical analysis.

c)       HIstopathological studies are included wherever possible in the study.

d)      Results of in vivo studies are with advanced statistical analysis.

e)      Study is dose dependent.

Pharmacy practice; clinical and hospital pharmacy:

a)      Limitations of study are mentioned

b)      Statistical treatment of presented data has been carried out.

Case reports:

a)      It should not be merely repetition of reports already being published.

b)      Novel observations with ongoing/new treatments supported by a sound discussion.