• KALYAN V.A. Department of Mathematics, Dnyanopasak College, Parbhani, India.


Objective Neural networks are being used for solving problems in various diverse areas including education, research, business, management, and many more. In this article, models describing the dynamics of bidirectional associative memory (BAM) neural networks are considered.

Methods: MATLAB, the numerical computing environment and programming language is used for solving certain problems associated with BAM.

Results: The concept of BAM networks is improved so that it can be applied to a wider class of networks. Algorithm for solving BAM problems is studied. And also the MATLAB program codes to find the weight matrix, to test the net with input, and to generate activation functions are accompanied.

Conclusion: MATLAB programming can be effectively used to solve the problems associated with BAM.

Keywords: Artificial neural networks, bidirectional associative memory, auto-association, hetero-association


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