an analysis of language style in the ron clark story movie


  • Rizka Aprilia Rizka Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Intan Lampung


language style, sociolinguistic, variation language


Abstract. This research focused on analyzing language style in The Ron Clark Story movie. This study used theory by Martin Joos and types of language style by Joos are frozen style, formal style, consultative style, casual style, and intimate style. This study was conducted using a qualitative research design and used a descriptive method to finding different language styles.  The data of this research is language style by Joos and the data source is The Ron Clark Story Movie. The steps to collect the data were: downloaded the movie and searched the script of the movie. The data from The Ron Clark Story Movie identified and selected to indicating of language style, classified and analyzed the data, found the factors of different styles, and concluded. The result of this research found 90 data or 57,3% casual style, 46 data or 29,3% consultative style, 13 or 8,3% formal style and 8 data or 5,1% intimate style.


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