• Uzma Shahzadi .Ph.D Scholars, University of sargodha.
  • Ghulam Haider Ph.D Scholars, University of sargodha.
  • Rehana Jabeen Ph.D Scholars, University of sargodha.



Quality education, Supervisors, Education


Supervision is an important aspect of performance management and effectiveness of an organization. This study was conducted to assess the practices and problems of supervision at elementary level in district Bhakkar. To conduct the study, descriptive survey design was employed. Random sampling technique was used to select the sample. The population of the study was all 197 elementary schools and 64 supervisors from district Bhakkar. From population, 16 supervisors and 50 head teachers were selected for the study conveniently. The data collected through questionnaires were analyzed by calculating mean and standard deviation through SPSS v.21. Consequently, the main findings of this study were as follows: The major problems that affect supervisors while implementing supervision. Supervisors were not given adequate facility to manage transportation, while visiting schools for the purpose of supervision. Supervisors are overburden with tasks and lack of access to many schools for visit. Furthermore, the study found that they were not rewarded and encouraged if they perform well. Department takes disciplinary action against them when they cannot achieve targets. Supervisors are facing the problem of lack of means of transportation especially those that have to go to the rural areas. Based on the findings, it was recommended that a supervisor must be trained to perform their duties efficiently. Recommendations can also be made for the provision of required facilities to the supervisory staff that may ultimately impact their work of supervision. Official human resource policies may be developed to recognize the efforts and an incentive system may be introduced to acknowledge and motivate the supervisors.


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