• Ramji Lal Sahu SMS&R, Sharda University


A segmental fracture of the tibial shaft is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with lower extremity injuries. From December 2010 to December 2014, Thirty-four patients (28 males and 6 females) with segmental tibial fractures were recruited from Emergency and outpatient department and compared healing and complications with a matched control group of Thirty-four non-segmental tibial fractures. In follow-up, we determined the time to union, delayed and nonunion and overall complication rates. All patients were followed for twelve months. Majority of the patients had a union in 120 to 180 d with a mean of 160.58. The results were excellent in 79.41 % (27/34) and good in 14.70 % (5/34) patients in segmental fractures and excellent in 91.17 % (31/34) and good in 5.88 % (2/34) patients in non-segmental fractures. 5.88 % (2/34) of our patients was labeled as non-union and14.75 % (5/34) delayed unions in segmental fractures, and 2.94 % (1/34) non-union, and 5.88 % (2/34) delayed union in non-segmental fractures and was treated by bone graft and dynamization. Insignificant limb shortening of less than 1.5 cm was found in both the groups. Majority of the segmental tibial fractures had severe soft tissue injuries and demanded prolonged treatment and with an uncertain clinical and functional outcome.

Keywords: Segmental tibia fracture, intramedullary interlocking nail, Reaming, Nonunion


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