• Prasenjit Mondal Department of Pharmacy, Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, Telangana State, India, 505481
  • Shravanthi Nannapu
  • Pooja Adi
  • Swapna Naredla
  • Harish Peruka


The present review article describes about the newly approved enteral suspension, “DUOPA†by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the new treatment option for the advanced Parkinson ’s disease with the people having motor fluctuations. This was approved in January 2015. Parkinson disease foundation’s report state that about 10 million of the people suffering with this advance Parkinson’s disease worldwide. With the several oral treatment options for this dieses the administered tablets may remain in the stomach too long due to slow and inconsistent emptying of its content which can delay in the absorption and delayed response to the treatment. But now DUOPA emerged a new trends for the treatment of parkinsonism with unique route of administration, which bypasses the stomach and enters directly in to small intestine by uses a portable infusion pump that delivers both the drugs of DUOPA directly in to intestine via a tube up to continuous 16 h. There was no such detailed review available in this area, so this present article helps the researches and readers to understand about the pathophysiology, and available treatment options for Parkinsonism in attractive manner and also perceive the significance of use of DUOPA a carbidopa and levodopa enteral suspension with an innovative administration technique.

Keywords: Parkinsonism, DUOPA, Enteral suspension, Small intestine.


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