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What exactly does a subscription to a journal entail? – Journal Subscription India

Journal Subscription India

Publishing your work in a peer-reviewed journal can increase its exposure to researchers outside your immediate network. Publication in a journal can increase the visibility of your work because it will likely be read by others who might be interested in it.

The typical Journal Subscription India duration, whether print or digital, is the entire calendar year (January–December). The ‘volume year’ is another name for this period.

Journal subscription India
Journal subscription India

Private Memberships

When available, the “personal rate” subscription is for individual, non-commercial use only. Personal subscriptions may not be resold in any form. Subscriptions purchased by individuals must be paid for using cash, a personal cheque, or a debit or credit card.

Subscribers to periodicals

Buying a print subscription for the current year will include all issues released through December and the remaining issues for the year. A print subscription for the following year will start in the next year’s issues is published.

There are numerous advantages to open-access publishing

Citation and use increases: More people read and cite open-access papers than articles that need payment to access.

  • To encourage public participation: 

Those who don’t have a subscription can still view the content.

  • Improved cross-disciplinary dialogue:

Multidisciplinary open-access Pharmaceutical Journals improve communication amongst scholars and raise the profile of their work. 

  • Greater coordination: 

Researchers can work together from all over the world to open access to publications and data.

  • Quicker effect: 

Researchers can quickly expand upon previous studies using permissive licenses like CC BY.

  • Achieving open access compliance: 

Globally, key financing policies support publishing in open-access journals and books.


Users, libraries, and institutions can subscribe to individual Journal of Education or bundled subscription packages from Innovare Academics.

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