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Maheshwar tour within 24 hours or less: Simple and Local Guidance

How to enjoy Maheshwar tour?

In Madhya Pradesh, Khargone district, near Indore, Maheshwar is a pilgrims place of central India. It is heaven for nature lovers. It is on the north bank of the Narmada River. It is a fantastic place for people who love to spend their time near the bank of any river with a rich natural touch and unlimited fun and peace. It is a pilgrim place and Lord Shiva is worshipped here. Great God is in Hindi mean of Maheshwar. Information provided here is based on personal experience and perfect to visit Maheshwar within 24 hours or less with great fun and devotion.

What are the places to visit in Maheshwar?

Maheshwar tour is equally important for devotees and nature lovers. If you are a devotee, you should first visit the temple of Lord Shiva. It is the same for a tourist and nature lover also.

There are only 2 places to visit in Maheshwar which must be visited during the Maheshwar tour.

  1. Ahilya Bai Fort and Palace (Maheshwar Fort)
  2. Shastaradhara

While surfing the internet, you find the best 10 places, 15 places to visit in Maheshwar Tour. But, the real truth is that all these places are in Ahilya bai Fort except Shastaradhara.

At Ahilya Bai Fort itself, you will find the temple of Lord Shiva, Narmada Ghats (Ahilya Bai Ghats) and Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar’s seat.

Ahilya Bai Fort and Palace (Maheshwar Fort)

It would take about 2-3 hours (maximum) to visit this fort and need no vehicle. Once you reach here, you have to spend your full time by walk only.

Ahilya Bai Fort
Ahilya Bai Fort Maheshwar

Around this fort, you will find a local market that is rich with many shops of Maheshwari sarees and other materials. Maheshwar is famous for the sarees, which are handmade locally with quality material.

Other places which should be visited (you find on other internet sources) are within walking distance only—no need to hire any vehicle.


A must-visit place in the Maheshwar tour is about at 6 km distance from Maheshwar. You can reach here by local transport within 10-15 minutes and can enjoy the whole day. Food and breakfast are available here easily by local shopkeepers.

Shastaradhara: Maheshwar Tour
Shastaradhara: Maheshwar Tour

But, routing to Shastaradhara via Maheswar is not recommended for nature lovers and tourists. Tourists and nature lovers must go to Shastaradhara by boat from Narmada Ghat on a paid basis. It is the place where one can spend the whole day. This is an excellent place, full of beauty, natural sounds of water flow at very high speed (be careful here and avoid any activity in the river until unless you are an expert swimmer). No need to worry, you can enjoy your bath here also, because you will be able to find places where you can sit and enjoy yourself.

How to reach Maheshwar?

It is well connected with roads, with no railway station and airport.

By Air: The nearest airport is Indore (at 91 km from Maheshwar), Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport. It is well connected from many major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal and many more. Tourists/visitors can hire a taxi to reach Maheshwar.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Barwaha (39 km from Maheshwar), but not recommended. Another nearest railway station is Indore (recommended). It is very well connected to all the major cities of India.

By Road: This is the simple and best way to reach Maheshwar. You can reach here by own car/vehicle because all the roads are good. Many states run buses to Indore, Bhopal, Khandwa, Dhar etc. You can reach Maheshwar by these buses very easily.

Times to visit Maheshwar

For Maheshwar tour, avoid rainy season and summer. The Narmada River is in full capacity in the rainy season, and nature lovers will miss the fun. In summer, it is very hot and difficult to visit because you need to climb in the fort here and there during your visit. Therefore, the winter and spring seasons are the best time to visit for devotees, tourists and nature lovers.

Where to stay in Maheshwar? (Hotels/Resorts in Maheshwar)

Many hotels/resorts are available in the Maheshwar. MPT Narmada Resort is amongst the best place to stay, situated at the bank of the Narmada River. In addition, you will find many other hotels/resorts in the economical range also. You can find these on the internet. But for natural lovers/tourists, these hotels will not give real fun and enjoyment. A place with peace and at the bank of the Narmada River is ShivaRewa Village Stay ( It is an outstanding place to stay.

About ShivaRewa Village Stay, Maheshwar

It is situated at the bank of Narmada River, across the river, diagonally opposite Maheshwar fort, Rehmatpur, Madhya Pradesh 451224, India. For more details, you visit

Best things about ShivaRewa Village Stay

  1. Fully secured, even a female can stay here 24 hours without any fear. The male and female staff of the resort is from the local village named Bothu. They are supporting and fully dedicated and not for business only.
  2. Quality food is a reality here. You will get food of high quality with full taste with the feeling that you are at home. Even you can demand food of your choice and they are happy to serve it in the kitchen, your rooms and all around the campus till 10:30 pm, even later on request. Please note you will get vegetarian food only. You can ask for tea, coffee, milk, water, cold drinks and breakfast. Awesome taste; you feel light.
  3. Fully hygienic rooms, big in size, with the natural look. Hygienic bathroom and toilets with good space around it.
  4. The owner/manager is a fantastic person with full support and personal care. He is always guiding you correctly.  
  5. The best thing is that you can reach Shastaradhara within 10-15 minutes (at distance 1-1.5 km only from the resort).
  6. Full support is provided to visit you Shastaradhara by the staff.
Original picks of Shiva Rewa
Original picks of Shiva Rewa
Shiva Rewa village resort
Source: Indori Zayka

How to reach Maheshwar from ShivaRewa Village?

There are 2 ways to reach Maheshwar.

By road: 30 km, takes around 1 hour to reach by own car/vehicle- not recommended

By boat: As this resort is across the river, in front of Maheshwar fort, it takes only 10 min to reach by boat. You need to pay INR 800-1200 (the amount is negotiable). It is for both sides; the boat will pick you and drop you back at your convenience. A cheaper and more economical way is to go by local sharing boat charging only INR 20 per person. To avail this facility, you need to go to village Navrathodi (at 1.5 km distance from the resort).

How to reach ShivaRewa Village Stay, Maheshwar?

Please avoid using Google Maps to reach here. Sometimes, it makes you use the routes through interior villages via Kacchi Roads between agricultural lands. Moreover, it may cause disturbance to you and you may be stuck in trouble, although it is full of enjoyment.

Follow the route as follows:

On Google Maps, you should target/search Kasrawad. It is on the state highway, 8 km from this resort.

After reaching Kasrawad, search for Navrathodi.

From Navrathodi, go to Rehmatpur. This resort is here.

Should I purchase sarees and dress materials from Maheshwar?

It is a tricky question. The answer can be Yes or No. If you are well aware of the quality of dress material and have good negotiation power, then only you should go to purchase, otherwise be cautious.

What are the nearest tourist places from Maheshwar to visit?

Mandu or Mandavgad is only 36 km from Maheshwar.

Omkareshwar is only 65 km from Maheshwar.

Mandu or Mandavgad
Mandu or Mandavgad

Roads are very nice and you can reach these places within 1-2 hours from Maheshwar.

I hope this local guide of Maheshwar tour will assist you to enjoy yourself a lot.

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Disclaimer: This information has been provided on personal experience.


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