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Some of the most memorable locations in a horror game will stay with you forever

The most memorable locations in horror games

Picturesque, bright, cheerful, and colorful locations in video games, as usual, are widespread; the eye is blurred, and the gamer just gets used to all this beauty. But when an impressionable player accidentally finds himself in a terrible place, even during the passage of horror, the atmosphere of horror worries for a long time and is imprinted in his memory.

We’ve rounded up a small selection of some of the most creepy and nasty locations in video games that leave you with a bad taste and a desire to pause to pour yourself a big mug of tea. However, if you want an exciting gaming experience but want to be confident, online casinos with live dealers are a great choice.

Of course, this is not a complete list, but we have included the legendary classics, secondary quests that can be easily missed, sad tasks that force you to replay the last save for the proper ending, and the most bloody locations that hurt your whole body. Watch out, and there may be spoilers. Here you will see:

  • Outlast;
  • Resident Evil Village;
  • The Witcher 3.
Horror Game: Outlast
Horror Game Location: Outlast

Outlast – Mount Massive Asylum

The legendary horror Outlast opens the selection, where everything is generally creepy and frightening. Mount Massive Asylum, the central location in the video game, is also a factory for producing bricks for an untrained gamer. In a vast psychiatric hospital, terrible experiments were carried out on mentally ill men. One might get the impression that the hospital has everything: an administrative block, a courtyard with a chapel, a cinema, a men’s and women’s department, a hospital, a relaxation room, a laboratory, and a prison block.

The institution would have worked and tortured people. Still, one of the patients escaped from the underground laboratory, tore apart a bunch of employees on his way, and freed dozens of other mental patients. Finally, after a terrible massacre arranged by patients, the hero of the game, armed with a discharged flashlight and a notebook, ends up in the hospital and sees all the consequences of bullying the sick and a bloodthirsty uprising.

Quake 4 – Strictification Lab

A nostalgic bloody note will be introduced by Quake 4 with its wild scene, where the main character’s legs are cut off with a circular saw. Just imagine this horror: the captured Kane is strapped in and rides along some conveyor belt, already realizing what awaits him. The long path is accompanied by endless narrow corridors decorated with bloody stains on the walls, and another unfortunate prisoner rides ahead on the same chair.

You see what the Stroggs are doing to him; you hear his screams, and giant saws are already hanging over you, but you cannot move. Complicating the situation is that the operation takes place without anesthesia, so the moment of penetration of the knives into the body will be fully felt, and the injection of adrenaline will not allow the patient to lose consciousness. But someone goes through the game with a mod on VR.

Resident Evil Village – Dollhouse

When you walk around the estate of Donna Beneviento, you will undoubtedly meet a doll on your way. One touch of the toy will deprive the character of his entire arsenal and change the environment. Logic puzzles with a mannequin will weaken the player’s vigilance. Still, after descending into the well, the room will change: a dim red beam will dimly illuminate a room hung with torn-off parts of the dolls’ bodies, a butchered mannequin will leave only a blood stain behind, and someone will whisper on the radio “Everything will work out.

” Further, going into the corridor, you will notice a long thick umbilical cord on the floor. And in the end, she will lead you directly to an ugly, screaming giant baby slug whose mouth can swallow the hero without chewing.

Horror Games Red Dead Redemption 2
Horror Game Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Aberdeen Pig Farm

As you know, the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with violence, cruelty, and greed. Arthur Morgan may stumble upon the ranch of the Aberdeen family during his travels. A dilapidated, dirty, inferior, and uncomfortable house accurately characterizes its owners. However, an obese, untidy man named Bray will kindly meet Arthur on the veranda of his house and invite him to dine together, Tammy, the farm owner’s sister, will join his persuasion. And if the traveler agrees to have a bite, he will soon find out that the couple is in an incestuous relationship and does not mind having fun with Arthur if he drinks properly for courage.

The whole situation looks ominous: shabby walls and doors with peeling paint turn green and float because of bitter liquor, an ugly sister sits on her half-naked brother’s lap, and pieces of meat have an unusual aftertaste. After the fifth glass, Arthur wakes up without money in a large, bottomless pit with corpses, and a lifeless body presses him onto the top. When Mr. Morgan decides to return his wallet, he will not only have to kill the robbers but also find out that the taste of the meat at dinner is unusual because it is human.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Crooked Marsh Retreat and Sweet Path

The whole quest about the shelter is very creepy from the beginning to the end. The Witcher follows in the footsteps of his young ward to a makeshift shelter in the swamp, and his path runs through the Sweet Path. It is a magical path around which beautiful flowers grow, and sweets and gingerbread are strung on sticks. For many years, parents of unwanted children sent their babies to Sweet Path to get rid of them, but the kids did not even know what awaited them at the end of the path. Following the path, Geralt finds himself in an orphanage where several abandoned children run around, and a crazy woman looks after them.

A dilapidated building, a swamp with drowned people, contrasts significantly with that cheerful path. But the worst thing comes to light later: the ugly witches led the children to the orphanage with the help of sweets to devour them afterward. According to the plot, the Witcher is given a choice – to save the kids or not, but each option chosen will still lead to terrible consequences.

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Disclaimer: Playing online games involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.


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