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What Are the Best Places on the Internet to Learn Biochemistry?


Biochemistry is a science that relates to the chemistry of living organisms. The chemical changes in a living body to the molecular body which occur during metabolism, disease afflictions, and drug reactions are explored through the study of biochemistry.  The chemical composition of the gasses that are produced during fasting and later digestive enzymes produced are all part of biochemical studies.

Applications of biochemistry

Biochemistry can branch out into other specializations such as molecular biology, immunology, and toxicology. It is the foundation course to understand all the biological processes that govern the well-being of a living body and the reactions when the same living body is affected by a disease borne through a contagious substance or other aspects. 

With abundant career opportunities for biochemists, one can consider an online biochemistry course that can help them ace their growth. 

Biochemists are required in research of brain function studies, cellular biology, communication and reception between neurons of the brain, chemical compositions of diseases, and genetic engineering-related studies.  A biochemist also plays an important role in the food and nutrition industry where they study the reaction of food macros such as protein, carbohydrates, and fiber with nucleic acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and hormones in the body. 

Considering that biochemistry is not just an interesting science but a field with many career opportunities, anyone interested in science can consider these online biochemistry courses that have proved to be well structured and sought after by students:

1. Harvard

Harvard University offers an online course in the ‘Principles of biochemistry’, a comprehensive and well-structured course that outlines the basics and delves into other related topics. Nearly 300 thousand students are enrolled in this online course making it invariably popular. You can check these Harvard online courses for more detailed information

A student will learn the basics of chemical building blocks, lipids and amino acid chemical profiles, primary metabolic pathways that provide energy to cells in form of ATP, the role of digestive enzymes and their chemical reaction during metabolic activities, integration of another biochemical process at the tissue, cell and molecular level. 

Although the course is free for everyone, the instruction medium, pace and delivery are well executed and at par with a paid course. Anyone interested in structuring their life around lipid profile studies, food and nutrition, and other metabolism-related careers like a diet coach, can consider this course in addition to their regular bachelor program. 

As iterated it is a free course, but if someone seeks a certificate for completing this course then an amount has to be shelled as a fee. An instructor-signed, verifiable certificate from Harvard University is sent to the student and can be used for career prospects.

online biochemistry: Places to learn
online biochemistry: Places to learn

2. Arizona State University

A three-year bachelor’s program in biochemistry is offered to enrolled students. There is an option for an online or in-person lab facility. It is an online undergrad program that integrates other related sciences each year. 

Organic and bio-lab work has to be done in person, and the rest can be completed online. Students will spend a week at the university campus to finish the related lab classes that need to be done only in person. The course certificate mentions it as an online or virtual program. The course offers hands-on training that is critical for any relevance in the field. 

3. MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an online program in biochemistry that is named as – Biochemistry: Biomolecules methods and mechanism. Twenty thousand people have taken up this course since its inception. It is a course that deals with modeling for biochemistry and explores all the opportunities where AI-driven technology can be used in empowering biochemistry research

Anyone looking to advance their career in the biotech field should consider this online course. It is a free course that is instructor-led and a certificate of completion can be obtained by paying a small fee. 

Students interested in data-based modeling for biochemistry projects or research studies should consider this course. It is also an addition to people working in the biochemistry field who want to inculcate the tech aspects in their knowledge base. 

4. University of New England

An online biochemistry course that is structured for sixteen weeks but can be completed as self-paced is a boon for both head starters and those who like to take things slow. It has medical biochemistry and is ideal for anyone looking to further their career in nutrition and drug formulation. 

A student can register using their self-service registration online and start this course. One will learn all the medical terms related to biochemistry. A person looking to pursue a pathology, immunology, dietician, and food coach-related career needs to consider this course. 

One can learn numerous topics related to enzymes, metabolism, drug interactions at a cellular level, and understanding amino acid compositions and the urea cycle of a living organism. It is designed to help self-paced students without rushing them with the pressure to complete a course. 

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5. Youtube

Youtube channels in the biochemistry field are a storehouse of information that can be accessed by anyone.. Some of the popular channels like the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offer some fantastic topics covered with all the required explanations. Though this information is not structured as a course, it definitely can be used as a preparatory tool to help in your regular biochemistry lessons. 


Biochemistry is interesting because it challenges the logical reasoning and critical thinking skills of a person. If we know there is a pain because of posture, as a patient we just know where the pain is, a doctor will know why the pain is occurring but a biochemist will know the interlinking between different cells that pass the message of pain reception between neurons. 

This information is powerful for formulating future drugs and helps in identifying methods to help human and animal populations. Biochemistry is also used at a botanical level to assess the reactions of chemical fertilizers on the growth of plants. As biochemistry will be used in the future for many path-breaking developments, an online course is always helpful. 

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purpose.


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