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How to know any journal is still Scopus indexed in New Calendar Year 2022?

Scopus Indexed Journal in New Calendar Year 2022? Let us know-

Is any journal still Scopus indexed journal in new calendar year 2022?

Scopus indexed journal in new year?

Answer is here because Scopus update journal indexing in Apr/May only.

Go and follow it as follows:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Search any journal of interest using any option from the dropdown menu like Subject area, Title, Publisher, ISSN.

search journal on Scopus

Step 3: Example- Searched one journal using the title. Then, click on the journal link as shown in the below image.

journal search by title in Scopus

Step 4: Red Square in the below image shows indexing up to 2021, on the other hand, the yellow square shows Last Updated  5 Jan 2022- This could be an indicator that the journal is still indexed in the Scopus for year 2022.

Indication of indexing of journal in Scopus in new calendar year

Further how to confirm?

In the month of Feb-March, Scopus starts updating the Scopus content coverage. Here you can further confirm. Here you find that the article published in 2022 has been covered by Scopus. See Screen shot with the highlights.

Scopus content coverage
Scopus indexing

Hope this information is helpful.

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Disclaimer: This post is for educational purpose. Indexing of any journal in Scopus is confirmed by Scopus only.


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