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UGC Listed Journals, How to search? The Best and Authenticate Way

UGC listed journals Search

Journals in UGC Care, Search UGC Listed Journals, Search Journals in UGC Care

How to search UGC care Journal? How to search UGC Listed Journals?

How to find UGC care Journal? How to find UGC Listed Journals? List of UGC Journal? Answer is here

  1. The authentic site is
  2. Hit the website link

3. To search any journal, you need to login, if no account with UGC Care, click on top right Login

login to ugc care

4. Don’t have an account? Click on Register Here, at bottom

registration on ugc care list

5. Use the form to register

ugc care registration form

6. After registration, go back to login page and login now

7. You will find the following page. You can search by title, ISSN, Publisher, subject etc. using drop down menu

search jounral on ugc care webstite

8. Example by title: Choose the Title from drop down menu, Select Title and Enter Your Subject

example search by title

9. See results carefully on last right column for the current and complete indexing and other details

search results and list of indexed journals etc

10. You can view many pages…….1,2,3…..

Do UGC provide list of UGC approved journals?

No UGC or UGC care do not provide list of UGC approved journals or list of UGC care approved journals. Any one claiming about such any list is not correct. There is only one and authentic way to search List of UGC approved Journals or List of UGC care approved Journal is to visit the website of UGC care and follow the steps as mentioned earlier in this post.

End of Search

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