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How Sentence Rephraser Can Help in Academic Writing?

How Can Sentence Rephraser Help in Academic Writing?

Academic writing is a highly respected and prestigious field. It allows people to document and publish their findings so that other like-minded individuals may use that information and build upon it.

Using other people’s work to draw or test new insights is a staple in academic writing. The legitimate way of doing this is to cite the works that you use so that each author gets their credit.

One of the many ways that authors use other people’s work is by rephrasing. Rephrasing helps to show that you understand the source material and can explain it in your own way.

There are other benefits of rephrasing, but today we are especially focusing on using tools for rephrasing.

Tools are much faster at rephrasing, but how do they help in academic writing? That’s we are here to find out.

How Do Sentence Rephrasers Empower Academic Writing?

Rephrasing as we stated, is a powerful writing skill that is widely used in academic writing.

But rephrasing sentences manually can take precious time away from your work. So, writers can use rephrase tools instead.

To convince you why you should use rephrasers as well, we will list out some benefits of rephrasing sentences with tools.

1.      Helps you To Avoid Quotes

Quotes are verbatim pieces of text that you take from a source and use in your own work. In a normal situation, any academic writer wants to use quotes sparingly.

If you quote someone too much, it implies that you have not understood the content that you are using.

That is not a good outlook for an academic writer. Instead, they rephrase the parts that they wanted to quote.

By paraphrasing them, writers show that they have a strong understanding of the source material and that they are not merely relying on it as a crutch.

But they can do the same thing with sentence rephraser as well. AI-powered rephrasing tools are great at writing in a human-like way.

They are also capable of rephrasing sentences to make them look very different from their original version.

For example, this sentence:

“It went through such rapid contortions that the little bear was forced to change his hold on it so many times he became confused in the darkness.”

It can be rephrased with a sentence rephraser like this:

Sentence rephraser
Sentence rephraser

Look at that; what a splendid result. The output is so smooth and has been altered quite a lot.

So, academic writers can use this sentence rephraser to avoid overusing quotes. In this way, they can avoid looking like they don’t understand the source material.

2.      Helps To Make Your Content Clear

Academic writing is used for educating people. As such, it aims to be clear and concise as possible. If it is too difficult for even educated people to understand, then it is not considered well-written.

So, just like all writers, academic writers also proofread their work and check to see if it has a good flow and is easy to understand. If they find any issues, they rephrase the problematic parts to make them easier to read.

Moreover, of course, this can be done with the help of sentence rephraser. An online sentence rephraser reduces the time spent on refining your academic text ensuring that it is clear, concise, and easily digestible for the readers. Many popular online tools are kitted with unique modes that can improve the clarity of the given text.

Take a look at this example. First, we rephrased the following sentence, which is quite wordy and a bit difficult to understand.

“Research and academic writing are essential components of scholarly discourse, providing a means of exploring and communicating new ideas, insights, and discoveries to the broader community. Through rigorous inquiry and careful analysis, researchers seek to advance knowledge and understanding in their respective fields, while academic writing serves as a vehicle for disseminating their findings to a diverse audience.”

And after running it through a sentence rephraser, we got the following result.

Sentence rephraser
Sentence rephraser: rewrite the sentence

The result is much easier to read and provides the same information as the original. Unfortunately, doing the same yourself would be quite time-consuming and annoying.

So, avoiding that hassle is another benefit of rephrase tools.

3.      Help to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism

While rephrasing is a good skill and is quite helpful, it can become a thorn in your side if you don’t do it correctly. Incorrect rephrasing often leads to accidental plagiarism as it does not alter the text enough for it to be considered different.

This usually happens when people simply replace a few words and phrases with their synonyms rather than writing the whole thing from scratch.

This can be avoided with the help of an online sentence rephraser. A good tool can completely alter the given text and help you to avoid accidental plagiarism.

For example, take a look at this random paragraph and see how a rephraser completely rephrases it.

“Her mom had warned her. She had been warned time and again, but she had refused to believe her. She had done everything right and she knew she would be rewarded for doing so with the promotion. So when the promotion was given to her main rival, it not only stung, it threw her belief system into disarray. It was her first big lesson in life, but not the last.”

And now let’s see how it is rephrased by a tool.

Sentence rephraser
Sentence rephraser: academic writing

And look at the result. More than 80% of the text has been changed. This is amazing and it really helps academic writers.

Of course, this does not mean the writers cannot cite the sources; citations are still necessary to avoid plagiarism. But using a sentence rephraser will vastly improve the experience.

Final verdict

So, that is how sentence rephrasers can help in academic writing. In addition, they offer plenty of conveniences such as saving time, reducing the overall effort involved, and giving splendid results.

Academic writers do not have to jump through any hoops to use such tools as many of them are completely free to use and do not even require an account.

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