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What is stealth Omicron? Why is it an alarming sub-variant? Are its non-detectability and fast-spreading properties causing new fear?

What is stealth Omicron?

Uncertainty is continued for Covid-19 and the new sub-variant (sub-strain) of Omicron is here, which is named “stealth Omicron;” BA.2. According to UK reports, it has already spread in over 40 countries. The highest spread has been found in Denmark, then India, followed by Sweden, Singapore, and many more European countries.  

Recent reports

45% of cases have been reported in Denmark until the second week of Jan 2022 for BA.2 sub-strain of Omicron. However, the non-detectability of this sub-variant by RT-PCR is frustrating, according to Cornelius Roemer, a computational biologist at Switzerland’s University of Basel as posted on


Word Health Organization (WHO) has said that Omricron has three sub-variants, including BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3. In addition, sub-variants have been emerging in Europe also.


The spreadability and non-detectability of this variant BA.2 is a matter of concern, and close watch on the developments is essential. 

stealth Omicron
stealth omicron

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Disclaimer: This post is for informational and educational purpose. Awareness is always a key for protection.


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